Latency in sidechain signal

While testing aax in protools I have noticed that inputting 2 mono signals (one sidechain, one not)
and outputting them directly through the processblock, that the sidechain signal is always slightly delayed. We are a bit stumped on this if anyone has any clue.

Does your plugin introduce any latency? There is no sidechain latency compensation in ProTools, as far as I know.

only latency on the sidechain signal

to explain the image above, both of those signals are inputting into the plugin but only the one inputted as sidechain is receiving latency/delay, the main mono signal outputs with no delay, I ruled out that this is the plugin by breaking immediately at the top of the processblock but wanted to know what I should look into next (or if I am overlooking anything)?

Does it happen with VST/AU plugins in a different host? Or only in PT?

I havent tested in other hosts yet as I have only been targeting AAX, will try that out and let this thread know if anything is different.

ok so when testing the plugin in Reaper with VST3, I do not see any delay issue, so it doesnt seem to be our code introducing this issue.
That said could it be something to do with PT’s Delay Compensation? Sorry I am grasping at straws here, just not sure how to proceed

AFAIK, there is not latency compensation for side chain in PT.
It’s a tool so badly designed that they didn’t get latency compensation until really recently! An it is clearly fallible.

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Do you have any idea about this ?


5sec on Google would tell you that it is a known issue that JUCE can’t solve:

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Yes exactly, this is not a JUCE issue.