Logic Pro X - sidechain look-ahead issue


We’ve been developing a plugin with a sidechain look-ahead feature. That feature is a really crucial part of the plugin. The problem is that it works well in every other DAW but Logic Pro X.

It seems that when we add latency for the look-ahead feature, Logic adds same amount of delay to the sidechain input track resulting that sidechain lookahead feature doesn’t do anything but add latency to all tracks. So all of the tracks play well in sync, but since the sidechain track is delayed the same amount we add the latency, we can’t get that look-ahead information.

Sidechain look-ahead works well in Pro Tools, Reaper etc.

Does anybody know if there’s any workaround to make it work in Logic Pro X?


I had the same issues with external sidechaining and latency in Logic Pro.
Unfortunately, people said me here on that forum, that it’s normal and known issue in Logic Pro, and you can’t handle it until Logic Pro developers fix that. So I gave up with that.

It was about one year ago. There was some updates for Logic Pro, so maybe it is fixed now, but I don;t know.

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