Latest FLAC in JUCE

Has anyone got the latest version of FLAC (1.3.2) to compile in JUCE?

JUCE 5.1 in juce_FlacAudioFormat.cpp seems to indicate that the FLAC version is

VERSION "1.3.1"

but the header dates don’t match FLAC v 1.3.1 which should have a copyright date of 2016

I’m trying to see if there are any speed improvements using the latest version of FLAC (especially on Windows).



Hmmm it does seem to be version 1.3.1 from the code contents (see e090d56). Could it be that FLAC have updated their copyright message for version 1.3.1 without bumping the version number or changing any of the code?

Hmm… Well looking at their repos…

they changed the date in the headers on Dec 4, 2016

I’d tried to request that they add their version number to the headers at the top once… but nothing came of it…

I’ll see if I can do a diff between the JUCE Flac code and the official 1.3.1 code