Latest Tip breaks with Target OS 10.5


there are some errors because the compiler misses the Point (not the juce one) data-typ in finder.h


ahh, it seems the same trick you’ve done in the Quicktime format works

#include "../../core/juce_TargetPlatform.h"
#include "../../../juce_Config.h"

#define Point CarbonDummyPointName


mhh but i get linker errors, is CoreAudioFormat >=10.6 only?


I don’t think so - it’s in AudioToolbox. Everything builds ok for me with the 10.5 SDK.


oops, i should add the AudioToolbox framework first…


but the “Point”-fix is necessary for me…




in juce_CoreAudioFromat.cpp

#include "../../core/juce_TargetPlatform.h"
#include "../../../juce_Config.h"

#define Point CarbonDummyPointName

apart from that it works really wonderful, now i can load mp3-files in a background-thread without breaking the Message-Thread :smiley: . One little thing i have to mention is the “reposition issue” -

its very easy to fix, if the expected startposition (last read-position+last read buffersize) isn’t the same as the current, it reads a dummy-Buffer (maybe 16384 samples) before the current start-position. This will remove very annoying frquency-related pops, you can easy check this with 50Hz Sinus MP3 File. (The Ogg-reader doesn’t seem to have this issue)