Latest tip, multichannel Plugins fails loading in AU Lab (latest)

Mulitchannels-Plugins (more than 0,0 ; 1,1 channel-config) compiled with older juce tips seem to work, so this is (might) a issue with juce


-> How to reconstruct the issue

Download latest AU Lab from Apple (Audio Tools for XCODE 7, from September 2015)

Download latest JUCE tip

Open Juce Demo Plugin in Introjucer

- set OSX compatiblity version 10.7

- Plugin Channel Configurations {1,1},{2,2},{3,3},{4,4},{5,5},{6,6},{7,7},{8,8}

- disable Plugin wants MIDI-IN / OUT (otherwise AU LAB won't use it in the channel-strips)

- save Project

- Compile

- Open AU Lab

- Insert Plugin

- Save Project

- Close AU Lab

- Open Au Lab

- Load Project


----> Project failed to load 



( You might think this a bug in AU Lab, but my older (multichannel) plugins seem to work in AU LAB )


might be that?? Is the AU layout correct??

Is there a way to deactivate  all the Multioutput - stuff which was introduced on 4th September, Alternative make it work with AU Lab




Whats the opinion of the JUCE-Team about this topic?

We're overdue improving our multichannel plugin support - will be addressing it within a few weeks.

Ah okay, i'm not sure its a problem with JUCE or just a bug in AU Lab. 

So please be always careful with any change regarding to PlugIns, because it can break compatibilty.

Changes should be tested in Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Reaper, Wavelab, Live, Bitwig etc. before they are commited to the JUCE-source tree.

(If you found faulty behavoir in a host, is also worthy to contact the host-developer, instead of doing a bad work-auround) (btw. Repaer has annouced that the fixing this behavior)