Launching a dialog on Android in Kiosk Mode disables Kiosk Mode

Hi, this is reproducible in the demo app.

Desktop::getInstance().setKioskModeComponent (this, false);

After line 131 in Main.cpp to set Kiosk mode.
Run the app, go to DialogsDemo and launch a dialog and the top status bar comes back. Making the app lose and regain focus makes it disappear again.

This is reproducible on my hardware device and in the emulator.




@lukasz.k hi - could someone acknowledge/take a look at this please - I raised it 3 weeks ago and it’s been a long standing issue.

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Yes, we’ll take a look at it. We realise it can be frustrating when we can’t fix things immediately, but this hasn’t yet bubbled up to the top of our list of things to do.

That’s fine and understand that totally - actually, the more frustrating part is the no acknowledgement for multiple weeks, not knowing if anyone is aware of the situation and is looking into it.

The JUCE team reads every forum post. So, if you mention anything on here it’ll go into our backlog unless it’s serious enough to address immediately.

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Fair enough, but writing a simple comment “entered into backlog” would also be useful communication. It’s nice to be able to tell my complaining customers that something is being looked into.


Hi, any further updates on this? I’m not sure whether fixing issues on Android isn’t a massive priority, but this is a JUCE supported platform and this is an annoying client facing issue which makes our apps released on Android look unprofessional.

2 months since this was reported. I’ve still got customers expecting some kind of indication that this issue is going to be fixed for them.

Unfortunately it’s not an easy fix.

We’ve already had a look at it and it’s gone back on the backlog as it was difficult to assess how much time sorting this out would require. I’ll have another look today as see if we can get any more clarity.


So I’ve spent most of the last few days looking at this.

I’ve not got a comprehensive fix yet, but I have made some progress. I think we should be able to get this sorted out next week.

Thx for the update - will give this a go tomorrow!

Hi, after that blip (!) things are looking good! I’m off on hols in a couple of days so will test properly when back, but I’ve just had a play for 5 mins and have not managed to get the status bar to appear so thanks alot! :smile:

Hi @t0m, played around with this quite a bit more today and still looking 99.9% good.

When a notification comes in (e.g. facebook messenger which I have enabled), the the screen adjust and does its little dance - all but once this has reset itself correctly, but once (maybe out of 30 times I’ve observed), it left that status bar visible.


Oh, that’s annoying. Android really doesn’t help us here:

I’m not sure what we should do when an OS-managed popup kicks us out of immersive mode…

If you come across a more reliable way of triggering it that would be really helpful.

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i’ll keep an eye out…

Currently though it’s sooooo much better than it was…