Leak detected: WindowsBitmapImage


There is a leak with WindowsBitmapImage object.
When killing an application then WindowsBitmapImage object created in TemporaryImage object of class HWNDComponentPeer is revealed as leaked.
Indeed, at line 933 of juce_win32_Windowing.cpp file, an image is created using a pointer to a new WindowsBitmapImage which is never deleted.


Can’t reproduce that here… Are you sure you’re not leaking a window?

There are no errors at the line you mentioned, it should work fine.

Are you using juce objects as globals / objects with static storage duration?

No and my project was working previously.
I think that as I have some issues with GL components, they may introduce an error when deleting the window.
First, I have to solve the GL issue that we are talking about in another thread, and then retry to delete my window and see if this problem persists.