Need help detecting an Image leak

Upon closing my application, I am being informed that I'm leaking one instance of each SoftwarePixelData, ImagePixelData and an Image.

I've put a breakpoint in SoftwarePixelData's CTor and made sure that all of the calls are coming from ImageCache.


If I understand correctly, all of the images created using ImageCache are eventually disposed of when the OwnedArray is destroyed.

What could I have done to nevertheless leak an Image?

What else can I do in order to better invastigate the issue?

Got a static Image somewhere?

Not that I can remember, and this leak is as of late.

Any other ideas? I'll take anything :)

Well, maybe the ImageCache itself isn't getting deleted for some reason?

Checked that too, it's just fine.

I found it. I forgot to make a base class' destructor virtual and so the derived class's Image did not destruct. :(


Thanks for the help!