LeakedObjectDetector compile error (VS2012)


I’ve just updated to the latest Juce sources through Git and am having trouble compiling both the demo projects (Introjucer, Juce Demo) and my own project in Visual Studio 2012.

I get several of this error message (not always for juce_audiosamplebuffer.h):
(…)\juce\modules\juce_audio_basics\buffers\juce_audiosamplebuffer.h(443): error C2039: ‘LeakedObjectDetector’ : is not a member of ‘juce::juce’ (…\modules\juce_graphics\juce_graphics.cpp)

Do you have any idea what I could do about this?


Your source-tree must be screwed up in some strange way… Maybe try just grabbing a new clean copy of it, make sure that works, and then compare it with the tree that isn’t working.

Yes, it seems like it was screwed up indeed. I’ve downloaded again and now it’s fine.