Licence implications of JUCE in a closed-source product

After spending the past few hours trying to decode the reams of legalese associated with the GPL/LGPL, I’m still unsure at to what would be required to produce a closed source application using the JUCE libs. Now, I notice that Jules mentions here that everything is GPL or BSD. Assuming I purchase a commercial JUCE licence, what else would I be required to do?

If my Linux version of this theoretical application used ALSA, would I be required to ship the ALSA dynamic library? Am I required to dynamically link to it? Do I need to provide the ALSA source? Do I need to ship a copy of the GPL text? Do I need to sign my soul over to Richard Stallman?

Any help would be much appreciated!

You’re probably getting a bit carried away there - ALSA’s a basic OS package, and there are plenty of closed-source apps that must use it.

As far as I know, there’s nothing that Juce uses which would cause any problems, but if anyone lets me know otherwise, then I’d just come up with a workaround for it anyway, so don’t think any of this is an issue.