Licensing question


I’ve developed an audio processing algorithm and plan to build an application or a VST plugin around it. As this point, I do not think it is able to serious money to cover the licensing fee of JUCE any time soon. But I believe in its potential so would like to keep it as closed-source. So I wonder whether it violates the license if I make a open source application/vstdll that dynamically links to a close sourced DLL that contains my algorithm.

BTW, I love JUCE and will buy a license once it generates enough revenue.

Glad you like it!

It’s an interesting question…! I’m no expert on the legal technicalities of the GPL but it seems to me that it’s fair for a GPL program to make use some other non-GPL DLL… Certainly every GPL app on win32/mac will do exactly that when it uses the OS’s system DLLs. Obviously the DLL itself couldn’t contain or use any GPL code, but if it didn’t, then I guess that’d be fine…?