License Key - How to best use it?

So I posted in an old forum post yesterday and got told off for it and I agree that my question was a bit too vague.

In the ‘Serial number’ discussion there were mentions about having a RSA encrypted license key as a way to unlock your app. Now my question is how should I use this file to unlock my app? Should the user just put the file somewhere on their hard drive and the app ask for its location and store the location in a ini file (how would I do this on Mac)? Or is it best to paste in the whole file content into a edit box in the app that validates it and save it to a file locally within the app directory (I am not sure how this would work on Mac, why I am asking).

Basically how can I best read and validate this license file cross-platform?



Have you looked at the juce_product_unlocking module? It has a bunch of stuff to do this kind of thing for you - could save a lot of time!

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Ah no, I hadn’t seen that one before! I will look at that now! Thanks Jules!