Link JUCE GUI with own back

I wrote a back of my VST3/Standalone plugin, and used JUCE for create GUI. When I try build my code, I getting this errors:

  1. Unresolved external symbol “WinMainCRTStartUp”
  2. Unresolved external symbol “_DllMainCRTStartUp”

I took logic of my compressor from book “Designing Audio Effect Plug-Ins in C++ With Digital Audio Signal Processing Theory by Will Pirkle”, then I linked all Sliders and Buttons from GUI to my back. I`m used GUI Application template for this purpose. It looks like the program is trying to find a standard entry point while it exist in main.cpp It is START_JUCE_APPLICATION(DevilPumperGUI2Application). I tried everything I could, but the problem remained. I even wrote about this problem to the VisualStudio, but they have not answered yet. Now I want to ask: is it possible to connect your own back to the JUCE interface? If so, where does this error come from?
I read about this problem very much, but none of the solutions help.
So, I defined "JUCE_USE_CUSTOM_PLUGIN_STANDALONE_APP 1" in the AppConfig.h, and START_JUCE_APPLICATION(DevilPumperGUI2Application) in the Main.cpp, but I still getting errors.

OS - Windows 10 x 64
IDE - VisualStudio 2019
JUCE framework - latest versionstrong text

I have attached screenshot with errors and main.cpp. If this is interesting and you`ll need more information, I can attach the whole project with .projucer and .sln. just tell me.
Anyway, I will be grateful for any help.

Main.cpp (4.1 KB)

To do a plugin (including a standalone application plugin build), you need to start with a Juce audio plugin project, not any of the stand alone application projects. You will not need the START_JUCE_APPLICATION macro.

Yes, but if I start right away with Audio Plug-in I cant make own logic without using JUCE methods. So I change GUI Application to Audio Plug-In when my code is written, then I trying build project and getting this errors. If I m wrong, how to link my back with interface?