Linker problem going from v1.46 to v1.50


I began creating my first C++/Juce program with Juce v1.46 in Visual C++ 2008 Express. No problems here - debugging was fine. Now, after I replaced v.1.46 with v1.50, I get the warning “[color=#BF0000]LIBCMTD.lib(crt0init.obj) : warning LNK4098: defaultlib ‘libcmt.lib’ conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library[/color]” + 17 errors about unresolved symbols. :frowning:

I apologize, if the solution is very obvious to you; I am a complete C++/Juce newbie. I did, however ensure, that I use the Multithreaded non-dll runtime libraries, as explained by haydxn in the Juce Tutorial - beginnings… thread.

Any help would be most welcome.



Ok, well the first thing to do is to get 1.51, and not 1.50…


Yeah, I just noticed the new version and downloaded it. Well, now I don’t even get to the linker. Instead I get 36 compile errors and 6 warnings. :shock: It seems you’ve changed quite a bit since v1.46. No Brush class anymore, f.ex.

Btw, thank you for this wonderful SDK. Its extent and detail amazes me time and again :smiley:


Thanks! You shouldn’t need to change too much code to get it all up-to-date.


Hooray, it works now! :smiley: Only remaining problem: there’s no longer any support for Danish letters “æ”, “ø” and “å”. :cry: Fixable? Or do I have to change my name? :mrgreen:


eh? What do you mean by “no support”? What exactly isn’t working?


I get a runtime error from TRANS("Written by Nickie Fønshauge\nCopyright ©2010. All rights reserved") It triggers a breakpoint in juce_String.h, line 437.
It worked in v1.46.

Edit: No, actually, it was the language files it didn’t like. But still, it is the letter “ø”, that’s the culprit.
However, the translation from “Help” to “Hjælp” doesn’t trigger any breakpoint, it just doesn’t show the letter “æ”. So, apparently it is the “from” side of the equation, that triggers the breakpoint.


It turned out the language files were not saved as UTF-8 files. When I changed their encoding to UTF-8, some rather strange characters showed up. I can’t test it right now, but I have a pretty good feeling about it :wink: