Linking a JUCE static library into a VST

Hi, I’m trying to create a static library with common code for a number of VSTs. When linking the library into the VST I’m getting a number of errors, followed by numerous duplicate symbols for code that is built into the library and the VST, e…g lots of juce_core stuff… Is there a process for doing this type of build?


So, looks like the library is linking to static msvc and the VST is linking to dynamic - changing these to be the same fixes the issue.

However, setting compiler flags in Projucer can only be done for VS and not for debug and release it seems and I’ll need different flags for each, or I’ll have to change the settings in Visual Studio each time I update the project… are there any solutions to this?


Does the Projucer “Runtime Library” option provide what you need?

Debug and release versions of the runtime library should be set to the expected values automatically.

thx - will check that out.

Hi. where do I find this option?

ignore that - needed to scroll down…