My VST3 plugins can on be run on my machine

Just downloaded Projucer 6.0.4 for the first time and created the “hello world” VST3 (Plugin/Basic). I selected the Visual Studio 2019 exporter and clicked “save and open in IDE”. Then I successfully built the .vst3 file. When I open it on my machine for example in Reaper or in VSTHost it works perfectly fine but when I send the .vst3 file to any other Windows Machine (I’ve tried 3 different ones) it doesn’t start.

Platform Toolset is v142 and Target Platform is 10.0

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Try changing this setting in the VS2019 exporter:

Alternatively make sure the C++ runtime is installed on the target machine.

@asimilon - Thank you this worked.

This also worked: