Can't load my VST3i on 2nd computer


Currently working on my bachelors project. The plug-in is “done” and I can get it to work just fine on my desktop. As I have to include it as a deliverable when submitting the project, I was trying to get it to work on my laptop, but was unable to open the .vst3 file in a daw, or the standalone .exe.

I assume this is because of missing dependancies, but the tutorial for packaging for distribution says runtime library linking shouldn’t be a problem on win10. Both the desktop and laptop are running latest update win10.

When trying to open the .vst3 in reaper on my laptop, I can see that it is scanned on “clear cache/rescan”, but doesn’t appear in the plugin-menu. Trying to run the standalone gives an error that vcruntime140_1.dll wasn’t found.

I’m on the JUCE Education licence, if that could be the issue.

Am I missing something really obvious, or is there something specific I should do, like using static runtime?

The obvious & easiest solution is indeed to simply link to the static runtime because

is exactly the thing that your plugin misses :wink:
Alternative is to install it along with your plugin installer but you probably might not want to do this for something like a bachelors project…

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Yes, just got to test it, and it works!

Should’ve probably tested it before making a thread, but it might be good for someone in the future experiencing the same issue :sweat_smile: