Correct settings for VST3-release on Windows10

I’ve begun developing a plugin idea on Mac and XCode but also wanted to check compilation and functionality of VST3 for Window 10.

I don’t have a Windows-PC myself but managed to compile in Visual Studio2019 on a virtual Windows 10 (Oracle VirtualBox) partition. Slow but successful!

However, I found that when bringing the build to a real (borrowed MSI-laptop, quite new) Windows 10 PC only the version using “Static Runtime” would work. The one using the Juce default selection “Default (DLL Runtime)” produced an error as standalone (“Hello World”) and did not work:
“…execution cannot proceed … VCRuntime140_1.dll was not found”.
As VST3 it did not show up in the DAW. Static runtime showed up and seems to work.

So where can I find more information on how to sucessfully compile VST3 for Windows 10? The Runtime selection and “Platform solution” are the most puzzling to me but there might may be more.

Any help is appreciated.

Just use the static runtime, regardless of what is the default in Juce or what Microsoft recommends.


or install VS runtime on the target mahcine

Thanks for great help and advice!

Should I always use Static Runtime if there’s no specific “target machine” and are there any drawbacks with Static Runtime?

Which kind of Windows user has the “DLL Runtime”?
Why do they have it?
The errormessage mentioned a specific DLL Runtime so can users have various, even multiple DLL Runtimes?

Are there any other hidden pitfalls like this when targeting the Windows platform?

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The FLS limitation in Windows was relaxed in a later update of Windows 10, though. Also, it was never a Windows 10 specific issue, the FLS limit has always existed in some form. The issue also exists when using the DLL runtime, but isn’t as bad.

Windows 10 should now allow effectively unlimited number of different plugins that use even the static runtime. (Only the most extreme end users would ever hit the limit.) But if your concern is supporting users of older Windows versions, maybe it is something to care about. The users are still likely to have tons of other plugins that use the static runtime anyway…

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ok good to know.

Thanks, I get the general picture now.