VST3 plugin not working on other PCs

Hi, I’m working on a group project at university about the implementation of an overdrive plug-in. After completing the code, the GUI and everything else, we noticed some issues with the sharing of our final product.
In particular the VST3 file doesn’t work when shared on other PCs, whereas running the whole code on the latter appears to be a reliable solution, but of course we would like to avoid this procedure.
We already tested the VST on different frameworks such as Reaper, FL Studio, Logic and even GarageBand (as component).
Does anyone have any idea? It’s the first time with juce for us, so we won’t be surprised if it’s some stupid thing that we’re missing somewhere. Thanks in advance for your time!

Your build can use the DLL runtime or Static runtime. The default is the DLL runtime, and the other computers may not have the DLL runtime file, and so they cannot run your plugin. So, try changing the setting to Static runtime in your Exporter in ProJucer. Or the users can install the DLL runtime on their computers. Either option should work, but the Static runtime is easier.

Since you mention Logic and GarageBand, did you build the VST3 on the Mac? You’ll need to build it again on a Windows machine for PC users.