VST3 on Windows not working outside of host machine

I am having issues sharing VST3 plugins I develop to other users: the VST3 works normally on my computer, but is not recognized by the DAWs on other machines.

  1. To troubleshoot, I created two identical Windows 10 VMs (one to build the plugin, and the other to test as an ‘outside’ machine).
  2. I then follow the tutorial here: https://docs.juce.com/master/tutorial_create_projucer_basic_plugin.html
  3. I used Visual Studio 2019 to build, and Reaper x64 to test.
  4. I moved the .vst3 file to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 on both machines
  5. I verified the Reaper paths included that directory.
  6. It loads normally on the build VM, but does not appear on the ‘outside’ VM.

Is there some process I need to follow to enable plug-ins to be accepted on other systems?

Thank you for your help,

This is usually caused by the runtime library not being available on the other machine.
Either make sure the correct runtime is available, or statically link the runtime library:

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Thanks for your response.
I used static runtime, and it did work on my second VM - wonderful!

Since both VMs were pretty much identical, I’m confused as to why the client VM didn’t have the runtime library, yet the host did. (Unless the tools required to build the plugin necessitate having it installed).

I was under the impression that dynamically linking is ‘better tradecraft’; how can I manually install the runtime libraries to allow dynamic runtime?


I did find that if I installed the redistributable here:
I was able to use DLL runtime.

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