Linking a static lib to AAX plugin on Windows

I’ve written a utility plugin which uses the ZeroMQ static library.
I’m a Mac person and it already works properly on the Mac for AAX/AU/VST.

I’m now trying to setup the Visual Studio project but getting tons of linker errors.
I got rid of the SharedCode target JUCE uses by default and pulled the code to the AAX plugin project as I would otherwise need to use the ZeroMQ static library from the SharedCode static library and that doesn’t work (at least on the Mac).

Can anyone give me a hint on what to check?

Thanks in advance!

Make sure you’re using the same runtime library in your linked library -

it seems ZeroMQ is open-sourced meaning you have the code. so it’ll be simplest to just change your library VS solution to be the same as you build. also make sure you build release for release and debug for debug… and on Windows you must have separate build for each architecture.

Thanks for your response!
It looks like ZeroMQ is built using the static runtime by default so it sounds like I need to build a static library which uses the dynamic runtime.

Yes, there is source code available but the VS projects don’t build due to missing macros.
Looks like everything’s built around CMake and I can’t easily find the right place to modify the runtime… I’ll keep looking but thanks for your help!