Linux Makefile not available

I have a problem with Projucer on my linux Ubuntu.
I am trying to install the EVERTims and to install it I have to install the Projucer.
When I open my Projucer and load the file .jucer (auralization_engine_evertims-master like it is said in the instructions) i can not export it to my IDE with Linux Makefile, to be more exact I can not click the button like you see in the picture.
I have not worked much with Linux so the solution could be simple but I just can not solve it.

here is the picture

If you just save the project using File->Save Project the makefile will be generated in the Builds/LinuxMakefile subdirectory of your project. That button in the Projucer is for saving and opening a project in the selected IDE, which doesn’t make much sense for makefiles as there isn’t a corresponding IDE.

Thank you very much!

Hi there,
I´ve been trying to run evertims on Linux and wondering if you had success with it?