Cant compile on linux using projucer

Hi i been trying to run few examples using linux build but the run button is greyed out i cant compile.

The Projucer’s live-build engine isn’t supported on Linux. You’ll need to compile the code examples with a C++ compiler like GCC or Clang.

oh bummer, thank you I can calm down now > <

Hi just wanted to ask what is the use of projucer in Linux if it doesnt build and program?

On Linux the Projucer configures a Makefile which you can use to compile your project with the compilers provided by your operating system. You can find this Makefile in path/to/YourProject/Build/LinuxMakefile.

The Projucer’s live build functionality doesn’t create an executable or a plug-in you can distribute to other people, it only displays the GUI classes.

oh thats great but how can i create this make file, the button is greyed out to run the program, I been struggling wiith half success to create a make file using gcc and CMakeLists.txt

File -> Save Project

Or hit ctrl-s on most pages (but not source files).

The button is greyed out because it’s difficult to work out what “run the program” should do for a Makefile. On other platforms it launches the IDE related to the generated project file (Xcode on macOS, Visual Studio on Windows, etc).

Thank you, i succesfully linked the executable and was able to run the demo, What is the .jucer file that is created when saving the project?

The Projucer project, so you can open it again later, make changes to the configuration (for example add or remove Juce’s modules) and re-export your IDE project or makefile.

@ed95 added thankfully Ctrl+P to save project to avoid this ambiguity… don’t know, if that is on Linux as well, I use it on OSX ( CMD()+P) all the time