Unable to build in JUCE Huckleberry linux


I installed the binary and built from source in Ubuntu 16.04. I have g++ and codeblocks. When I launch the Projucer, I am unable to build.

The icon (penguin for makefile and codeblocks logo for codeblocks) is un-clickable. The “Build Now” option is unavailable in the Build drop down menu. “Enable Compilation” doesn’t do anything. All module paths are correct. Saving appears to work. I get the same behavior as super user. I get the same behavior with my locally built Projucer and the downloaded binary. I see no warnings in the terminal. Architecture is set to 64 bit in code blocks and default in makefile (also tried 64 bit).

When I click on the build tab, it says “Live-build features for Linux are under development.”

Am I missing a step in setting up the Projucer, or is it just not possible to build with it in Linux (in which case, what would be the point of it)?


i think you are just mis-understanding what the jucer is for

the jucer is a project manager - it’s primary purpose is to create makefiles and project metedata files for various IDES - you do not actually compile your program with the jucer

to compile your program you either cd to the Makefile and run make on it or you open the IDE file with your IDE - such as the .cpb file for codeblocks - after saving the project in the jucer you will find such files under the Build directory of your source tree


Cool, that explains it perfectly. I was able to find the makefile and code blocks projects that Projucer generated.