Linux: Standalone plugin in JACK [SOLVED]

I was looking around a bit in an attempt to get my standalone plugin to show up in JACK (that’s what people will use it for in the end right?)
I found some threads but they were too far in to give me an understanding of how to approach this. I also found this:

Are there any resources to get started with JUCE x JACK?

A good starting point is to enable JACK in the Projucer -> juce_audio_devices JUCE_JACK.

Setting this in the additional preprocessor-definitions of your exporter: JUCE_JACK_CLIENT_NAME=JucePlugin_Name will rename your JACK device (instead of just JUCE Jack or something).

For my multi-channel plug-ins, JUCE’s JACK implementation in the standalone host was quite limited, as it only forwards so many channels to the plug-in as the final output device (hardware) provides. That’s in general not so good when you go to a higher channel count e.g. with Ambisonics as an intermediate format. So I started writing my own Standalone application with JACK support, where each plug-in will open as many channels they need (however, the plug-ins in use have to #define their needed number of channels).

Far from perfect, but it works :slight_smile:

Cool thanks, that was the point I was missing. Right now I’m having trouble getting JACK to even start. I had to install the JACK headers and afterward the sound server couldn’t start. But this is not what this thread is about.

So I guess once JACK is up and running I can simply select the plugin in the patchbay?

I am not sure how it was with JUCE’s standalone, but I guess the jack server has to be running before you open the standalone. In the standalone, you then have to select JACK as your audio driver

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Ok I got it running now, works like a charm. JACK was trying to use an old library.

The multi-channel application you mentioned is a pluginhost itself?

No plugin-host, just a bunch of plug-ins for Ambisonics. The link above shows the branch where I created a custom standalone-host, for these plug-in, in order to make it work with JACK.

With JUCE’s implementation, all the Ambisonic plug-ins would only get two audio channels, however the plug-ins need up to 64 channels (for 7th order Ambisonics). So for the JACK&Ambisonics friends, this is a NoGo :wink:

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