ListBox feature request

Hi Jules,

Would it be possible to add a feature to the ListBox to automatically select/deselect multiple rows without holding down the command key?

I don't know if there's a better method to achive the same result, but maybe something like this:

void ListBox::selectRowsBasedOnModifierKeys (const int row,
                                             ModifierKeys mods,
                                             const bool isMouseUpEvent)
    if ((multipleSelection && mods.isCommandDown()) || 
        ​(multipleSelection && multipleSelectionOnClick))
        flipRowSelection (row);


void ListBox::setMultipleSelectionOnClickEnabled (bool b)
    multipleSelectionOnClick = b;

Default would be false of course.

Thanks in advance.

That'd be a pretty non-standard behaviour, I've never seen a listbox that does it like that (?)

Well most plugin browsers have this behaviours, especially NI stuff like Massive:

It's also very common in touch interfaces (though it is usually a toggled behaviour)

Oh, I see. Sorry, for some reason I misunderstood what you meant. Yeah, that's a pretty reasonable request actually.

No worries :) Thanks for considering it.