ListenerList Listeners Getting Deleted

I’m working on a project using Foleys Video Engine by @daniel which is totally awesome.
I’ve run into an issue when running two video clips at the same time.
Inside the VideoEditor demo in the AVClip class there is a ListenerList where the listeners are getting deleted after about half a second of the clips playing successfully.

Inside the ListenerList file it warns about this and says to trying calling callChecked() instead of call(). I built my BailOutChecker class with a shouldBailOut() but every time I run it I get Error C2228 left of ‘.shouldBailOut’ must have class/struct/union. But I’m calling it from a class???

Anyways thank you @daniel for the awesome video engine. I apologize how annoying this question is. I’ve been debugging for the last 18 hours and am not thinking clearly.

Any ideas or pointers from anyone would be super helpful.


Hi Dano,
Thanks for trying out the video engine. I must admit I don’t understand the scenario yet.

You mean the engine deletes the listeners or you are trying to delete the listeners?

The error in your BailOutChecker sounds to me like the checker itself went out of scope. I didn’t use the BailOutChecker myself, I’ve seen it in the docs, but didn’t need it myself.

BTW. I worked the last weeks a lot in the develop branch, I think that works much more smooth. Maybe I should make it into a release to the master branch at some point.

Let me know if the problem persists in the develop branch too.


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Thanks for the reply! I will check out the develop branch and report back.

Awesome! Thank you! Just switching to the develop branch solved all my problems. The updates are spectacular!
I’m currently in the process of porting some of this over to work on Android and IOS. I’ll let you know what I come up with.