Littlefoot global variable setup documentation

I’m in the process of learning the Littlefoot language, and I’ve noticed from some of the factory Blocks Littlefoot apps that you are able to set up global variables that can be given automatic getter and setter functions as well attributes such as min and max values.

Is there any documentation on this part of the Littlefoot language?


Do you mean config items? There are some comments above the config methods here and the enum containing the available configs is here, but the best way to learn is probably to just look at how they are used in the factory programs.

For example, from the Fader Block script:

<vector count="16" wantsGetFunctions="true" wantsSetFunctions="true">
        <variable name="slider" type="int" min="0" max="127" value="0" visible="false" />

Is this what the config items are? That was something else I hadn’t fully understood yet.

Ah I see what you mean now. The metadata section of the script has a variables section for declaring variables that can be displayed in BLOCKS Dashboard - you give it a name, a type, and some attributes such as min/max and initial value and it will be displayed as an editable parameter in Dashboard as well as being globally available in your script.


So I’m assuming the ‘visible’ attribute sets whether the variable is actually displayed in Dashboard or not.

Is there any documentation on the metadata section, or does my above code snippet include all the attributes that can be set?

Yeah that’s correct. There isn’t any formal documentation on this, but this is the list of available attributes (as of the latest BLOCKS Dashboard version) :


Great - thanks!