Littlefoot vs JUCE

First, let me state that I am not a wiz kid when it comes to coding; however, I can get around just fine with a manual and my trusty coding bibles!

I am currently working on designing a project utilizing blocks, specifically the lightpad, but I am a little confused where to begin. I do not know if it is just how the documentation is laid out or what, but it is a first for me.

Why would I choose to code something in Littlefoot vs utilizing JUCE straight out? Is Littlefoot better for rapid prototyping since it appears to function within the block’s code app with real-time compiling with the block plugged in?

The Blocks run their own little CPU, which executes your littlefoot script. There are two benefits:

a) when the script was saved to flash, it can continue to keep running independent of a connected host. this way it can send MIDI data to any host, that doesn’t need to know anything about blocks at all

b) the data doesn’t have to be sent through the band limited MIDI cable (it is all sent via MIDI to keep it generic, not on the USB layer. This way it works the same way in MIDI via Bluetooth)

As a user I agree, the bocks documentation has some room for improvement, I hope this will happen at some point :wink:

Speaking of documentation. Is there a place that lists the different variable types available?

For example, from the control blocks app that I have been dissecting:

variable name=“color13” displayName=“color13” type=“colour” value=“0x00FF01”
variable name=“gridsize” displayName=“Grid Size” type=“option” value=“4x4” options=“1x1;2x2;3x3;4x4;5x5;” tooltip=“Blank”

I have mostly been having success by going through and figuring out how the other apps handled different tasks and coding, but I have not been able to find what types we can declare such as “colour” and “option”. Is this just a continuation of JUCE? Even if it is, I have been unsuccessful in finding what types are available for me to utilize in either language’s documentation:( Hopefully you can help with this. (Again, I do not know enough to really tackle coding without looking up everything and piecing it together).

Secondly, are we able to use littlefoot in an external IDE such as VS, or is it something that only functions within the blocks IDE? While your answer was enlightening, I am still confused when I should code in JUCE or Littlefoot.

Thanks again for your time! I appreciate it.

This is of some help. Again, trying to navigate the documentation is daunting :expressionless: I still cannot remember how I got to and lost the Littlefoot functions list etc :frowning:

Edit: For anyone else who lost it like I did.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Factory Scripts here. They seem to be coded in different ways some of them, But most have a good example of the variables at the top and also using the heap for creating something like an array