Load automation data from external file and write it to track?

This might be a rather exotic use case, but i’ve been asked if it was possible to load externally generated automation data and write it to a plugin’s track, not in real-time, but offline … is this possible somehow ?

Nope. Every host is entirely different in the way it handles (or doesn’t handle) automation data. Certainly there’s no common system for telling them this kind of thing.

Here’s an exotic solution for an exotic use case:

Add an “automation save/playback” system which is exclusively written into to your plugin. I.e. within the plugin (completely independent of the host) a user can press a “record parameter changes” button and fiddle with the parameters while all of the changes being timestamped and saved by the plugin to a file. From there, you can export this file and re-load it into another instance of your plugin in another host. Enable automation write on the host and load/play the recorded data inside your plugin, and all the parameters should be written into the host’s track.

The only problem is this would be a pain in the butt to implement as a developer and to use as a user. So past an interesting proof of concept I doubt it would be very useful…