Loading an AU plugin via identifier

We’re having trouble loading FL Studio in our app as an AU plugin.

Currently we are loading it via it’s expected location in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

However this does not seem to work reliably, or at all, on some systems.

auval reports a missing URL for the plugin:

aumu BNDL FLAU  -  Image-Line: FL Studio     (unknown URL)

The documentation for juce::PluginDescription::fileOrIdentifier says:

for an AU, this would be an ID string that the component manager
could use to retrieve the plug-in.

Where do we find the ID string for a given AU plugin?

After running a plugin scan, the fileOrIdentifier data member should hold the description, which in this case appears to be AudioUnit:Synths/aumu,BUNDL,FLAU. This identifier is created by the createPluginIdentifier function in juce_AudioUnitPluginFormat.cpp. It should be fairly straightforward to work out the approriate identifier for a specific plugin based on this function implementation, and the information provided by auval.

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