Loading old pre-JUCE VST2 sessions

I’ve gotten VST3, AU and AAX working, but now I need to get old pre-JUCE VST2 sessions to load. This one is very confusing. In Cubase 10 (on Mac and Windows both), the function handleSetData() is never called when loading my old session, so my old session state is not restored, even though the plugin loads fine and the automation lanes all look correct.

The only functions leading to that call when it happens are the dispatcher() and dispatcherCB() functions. So there does not appear to be any code I can customize to recognize the old session data and call my own setStateInformation() function. The calls happen as expected if I save the session using my new VST2 plugin and then load that.

What controls whether the host will call my VST2 plugin’s dispatcher with the code that leads to calling handleSetData()? I have no idea what’s could allow the new plugin to correctly substitute for the old, but then not load the session data in the plugin.