Localisation of native Alert Window button text

Would it be possible to implement the TRANS() macro or translate() function to the classes that handle the native alert windows so that the buttons text can be translated using LocalisedStrings?

I think all the text in the alert window classes is already wrapped inside TRANS macros… Which strings aren’t working for you?

It’s only the juce alert windows which have the Strings wrapped. In the native alert windows (in the juce_mac_Windowing.mm file, and I’m guessing the other relevant platform-specific files too) the “Yes”, “No”, “OK” and “cancel” text isn’t wrapped. I’ve tried adding it myself but haven’t been successful.

While we’re on the subject, should I still be using TRANS() or should I be calling translate() directly?

Oh, sorry, you said the native alerts. Ok, good point, I’ll have a look at those!

Cheers for the fix Jules, working great. Is it all setup for native windows in Linux and Windows too?

Windows supplies the strings itself, you can’t change them. And I don’t think I implemented native alerts on linux (?)

Sorry Jules, I’ve found some more mac-native Strings that aren’t wrapped with the TRANS() macro, this time with the mac native menu bar. These are the Services, Hide, Hide Others, Show All, and Quit menu bar items of the apple menu, which are implemented in the juce_mac_MainMenu.mm file.

Would it be possible to fix that please?

Ok, thanks, I’ll take a look.