Logic Pro X - keyboard focus when Logics midi keyboard is active

Hey all, so I’ve ran in to some issues when Logics Midi Keyboard is active, and JUCE plugins lose their keyboard focus. I recorded a video, I think the it will probably make for a better explanation than me…

Video Link

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Should I force grabKeyboardFocus my way around it? :smiling_imp: Any suggestions?


EDIT: the forum doesn’t seem to like the video-link https://vid.me/mW0H

That looks like the expected behaviour to me…

Do other, non-JUCE plug-ins behave differently?

Thanks for the reply Tom, but I’m not sure I agree! Only JUCE plugin’s affected AFAIK


Voxenego’s plug-ins behave the same.

I don’t have any others that come with an editable text box… Which ones do you know that are able to force keyboard focus?

I started with logics native plug-ins and went from there. Waves, fabfilter, plugin-alliance, xferr records that I’ve tried for now!

I wouldn’t trust Logic’s native plug-ins to not be doing something hacky behind the scenes, but the rest of your list is quite convincing. I’ll have a look.

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OK, I’ve dug through the code but it looks like JUCE is doing things right. If you stick a breakpoint in


then you’ll see that we’re calling


which should do what we want. Unfortunately Logic has a rich history of mishandling key events and it’s likely that other plug-in manufacturers have worked around it. If you have any joy with using grabKeyboardFocus somewhere else then please share, but I’m not hopeful.

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Thanks Tom, that’s what I found as well, and had no luck when I tried explicitly grabKeyboardFocus elsewhere. Hmm… :thinking: