London Audio Developers meet up: High-Performance Web-Based Audio Processing with the WebAudio API



Our sixth London Audio Developer Meetup will be held Thursday, 6th of September at Code Node, London .

We’ll hear from Magnus Woodgate and Joseph E. Reeve on high-performance web-based audio processing with the WebAudio API.

WebAudio is one of those things that is most audio developers know is there, but don’t understand what it is, how it works, or when it’s useful.

Joseph and Magnus will walk us through the usage, theory, and application of the WebAudio API along with how to combine it with WebAssembly to make high-performance web-based audio processing software.

By the time the talk is finished, you will have enough information to know whether you’re interested in WebAudio or not.

Be warned: There will be DEMOs!

Magnus Woodgate

Magnus is a keen software engineer with a focus on DSP and embedded hardware. His interest in DSP stems from a degree in Acoustics and Audio processing, which he’s applied to audio R&D in the Automotive industry. In his spare time, he competes in hackathons and contributes to Open Source software.

Joseph E. Reeve

Joseph is an IT Consultant with a background in web technologies. Over the last 5 years, he’s built everything from high-availability distributed systems, 24 hour hackathon-winning projects, high-value trading platforms, to DevOps pipelines.

The next meetup will be on Wednesday the 10th of October.





Was this talk recorded by any chance (or are there slides)?


I wasn’t there this time, but it can be found here:


Great, thanks Daniel!