Audio Developer Meet-up: How I’m building the largest online audio developer community in the world (and a little about my app)

Our thirteenth London Audio Developer Meet-up will be held on Tuesday, August the 6th at CodeNode, London.

@JoshuaHodge will discuss how The Audio Programmer has become one of the largest online resources for audio development in the last two years. An amazing feat. - considering that Josh barely knew any C++ when starting the channel. How did this happen?
In this talk, he will discuss his perspective on the state of audio development. Why is it so difficult for companies to find qualified developers, and what can we do to improve?
He will also showcase a prototype of his DJ app called Scratch Champion. What is it? Think Guitar Hero for DJs (but with real equipment).

@JoshuaHodge’s path into audio programming has been anything but typical - as a moderately successful DJ and music producer, he found himself broke with his career at a halt at the age of 37 with no idea what to do with his life. In 2015, he decided to try his hand at code, enrolling in the Music Computing course at Goldsmiths University.
During his 2nd year at university, he was so excited by the new skills that he was learning that he decided to start a YouTube Channel called The Audio Programmer, where he teaches people audio programming as he learns new skills. Since then, the channel has grown into one of the largest communities for audio development on the web, with video tutorials, podcasts, written blogs, and a discussion group of nearly 2,000 audio developers of all levels from around the world.
Since graduating, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing companies in the world, including Ableton and ROLI / JUCE. The roles he has served in have been widely varied - project / product management, consultancy, event organization, and of course, software development.
He has also been working on his own app called Scratch Champion, which uses the power of machine learning to help teach DJ’s how to scratch. A prototype of the app has showcased with Intel in New York and San Francisco, and has earned accolades from some of the top DJ’s in the world.

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Thank you @JoshuaHodge for an inspiring talk and everybody for attending.

The next meetup will be on Wednesday, the 4th of September.


Thank you for having me involved!

The September meetup has been cancelled. The next meetup will be on Monday the 7th of October Tuesday the 22nd of October with Balandino Di Donato as a speaker: