Long Mouse Clicks on a Tablet PC

Hello all

I was reading the Forum and could not find anything about this problem i have.
I have implemented 2 different actions whether you click shortly (toggles object selection / deselection) or click and hold for more than 1 second (toggles information highlighting). This works very well using a regular mouse on a classical PC or a tablet PC… but i have a problem when i use my finger on a touchscreen tablet PC.

The long Click raises up a selection Circle and wants to be “Right Click” (as chosen in Windows Preferences).

Would there be a way to remain in the JUCE app and avoid having this behaviour.
The long click actions are impossible to access.

thanks in advance for your help

More of a windows question than a juce one, really! I’ve no idea whether that’s something that an app has any control over, is it? Anyone else looked into this?

thanks for your answer.
This is also my guess… i’ve checked the “pen and touch preferences” in Windows and could tune the timings but the long click “circle” appears anyway. i need to look more in details… but i was wondering if there would be a way to “keep the mouse in the app” and disallow exiting the tool when this rises up …

i have checked this link for instance and it sounds the same

by the way : migrating from JUCE 1.5 to JUCE 2.0 fixed the problem.