Long-overdue version 1.50!

Well, amazingly it’s been over a year since the last ‘official’ release, so I thought I’d bump the version number up a bit to make it a round number!

No surprises as to new features in here because most of you will probably have been working from the tip anyway, but it felt like a good time to tidy things up and mark it as a release.


BTW, SourceForge has got a new project review section… I’ve no idea whether getting a lot of good reviews is very significant, but if any of you are passing and want to click the ‘thumbs-up!’ button, it’d be appreciated! The URL is:

Cool!! Shall users use SourceForge’s bug tracking system to report JUCE bugs? I think that might be helpful, so everybody sees what bugs have already been reported, or if they have been solved, etc… ?

Have been waiting for this upgrade for some time now. GREAT. :smiley:

Possibly… I’ve not tried their bug-tracking stuff, but if it’s any good, then I’d be open to that idea.

cool ! thanks jules! :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who posted nice reviews on SourceForge! Very kind!

I haven’t been following the tip, what are the major new features? Is there a change list anywhere?