LookAndFeel AlertBox problems

Guys, before I spent all day trying to figure out why I´m doing wrong, please, could someone share some tips on this? The deal is, I created my own LookAndFeel and I pass this to my plugin. So far everything works but the Alert Box. Any idea why? :oops: Thanks!

[code]class LookAndFeelEx: public LookAndFeel
void drawScrollbar (Graphics& g, ScrollBar& scrollbar, int x, int y, int width, int height, bool isScrollbarVertical, int thumbStartPosition, int thumbSize, bool isMouseOver, bool isMouseDown);
void drawScrollbarButton (Graphics& g, ScrollBar& scrollbar, int width, int height, int buttonDirection, bool isScrollbarVertical, bool isMouseOverButton, bool isButtonDown);
void drawTreeviewPlusMinusBox (Graphics& g, int x, int y, int w, int h, bool isPlus, bool isMouseOver);
void drawFileBrowserRow (Graphics& g, int width, int height,const String& filename, Image* icon,const String& fileSizeDescription,const String& fileTimeDescription,bool isDirectory,bool isItemSelected,int itemIndex,DirectoryContentsDisplayComponent& component);
void drawRotarySlider (Graphics& g, int x, int y, int width, int height, float sliderPosProportional, float rotaryStartAngle, float rotaryEndAngle, Slider& slider);

Label displayLabel;
Image scrollBarImages[2][2][3];
Image scrollButtons;
Image plusMinus;
Image treeFolder;
Colour treeViewTextColour;
Colour treeViewTextColourSelectedBack;
Colour treeViewTextColourSelected;


The above works, but once I add:

virtual void drawAlertBox (Graphics& g, AlertWindow& alert, const Rectangle<int>& textArea, TextLayout& textLayout);

And, for instance, I just leave the code blank, it still uses the regular LookAndFeel code, not the one inside my LookAndFeelEx code.

Ahhhhhhh, and I can´t figure out why…

Best Regards, WilliamK

‘everything works but the Alert Box’, seriously? that’s all the description you give? ;-p

I know, sounds bad, but the whole thing works but the AlertBox, go figure… I will check things out again tomorrow, maybe I´m just too tired today. :oops:

I meant, by not describing what you actually mean by ‘not working’, makes it hard to extrapolate what the problem might be. does it not show up, does it crash, does it show up wrong?

Sorry, it shows the old original code, not the new one. :wink: