LookAndFeel::drawLevelMeter() confusion

Hi all,

I’m creating a custom LookAndFeel_V4 class, and want to be able to draw a simple level meter to display input dB for an audio plugin. I see that LookAndFeel includes a virtual drawLevelMeter() method. However, unlike most other virtual draw methods (which I was able to override in my LookAndFeel class without much hassle), drawLevelMeter() does NOT take an xy OR graphic component as input. In fact, it appears that AudioDeviceManger::LevelMeter is not a graphic component (like Slider or Button) but a reference-counted struct.

So my question is: what is the intended purpose of drawLevelMeter()? What component/object will call this method?

Thanks in advance!

To lookup LookAndFeelMethods, they are conveniently in nested classes inside the Component they are used in. The drawLevelMeter() (link) is used in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponentMethods (a little bit off standard, because it is actually not meant to be used by users). This LevelMeter is only a simple implementation to display the signal of the input in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.

That’s why I implemented a 3rd party module ff_meters.
The ff_meters (or an evolution of it) is also included in PluginGuiMagic, where the meters are only one of several visualisations and UI widgets.

I think using the forum search you will find more VU meter or level meter modules.