LookAndFeel methods not recalled on LookAndFeel changes

I’ve seen several cases of this. For example, in FileBrowserComponent, createFileBrowserGoUpButton() is only called by the constructor, at which point only the default LookAndFeel is available. If you want to provide a custom go up button, you have to replace the default LookAndFeel, which forces to make it a shared resource. Is this deliberate or just an omission?

I’ve tried to fix the issue you mentioned, and also a few other places that were potentially problematic:

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Sorry for the delay, just checked this. goUpButton doesn’t show up. These lines

addAndMakeVisible (goUpButton.get());
goUpButton->onClick = [this] { goUp(); };
goUpButton->setTooltip (TRANS ("Go up to parent directory"));

are now in FileBrowserComponent(). They should be in FileBrowserComponent::lookAndFeelChanged(), after

goUpButton.reset (getLookAndFeel().createFileBrowserGoUpButton());

Edit: just added a pull request.