Looking for audio application programmers


Hi All

We are looking for people with a passion in creating audio applications, to work on interesting live performance software for AudioCubes.

Please email jobs at percussa dot com if interested. Experience with C/C++, Max/MSP and JUCE are definate plusses. Living in Belgium makes thing easier but is not a requirement.

More info about AudioCubes at http://www.percussa.com/



I just looked at your website, your cubes look very nice… but what’s the big advantage of using those cubes to create music instead of triggering something with keyboard or drumpads?


you can watch some videos here :

photos :

the cubes are an interface in which relationships between physical objects and your hands are used to do something on a computer.

such an interface is called a “tangible interface” and is typically capable of displaying relationships between information elements through placement and orientation of the objects associated with them while the user manipulates the objects.

these properties make the interface very different from sliders or knobs and let you interact with musical concepts in potentially very different, new and interesting ways.

feel free to google “tangible interface”. The audiocubes are the first system commercially available, as far as I know, and work without infrastructure (tables, projectors, mirrors, lights, etc).


The Youtube link you provided should be:



The Youtube link you provided should be:


thanks! my mistake … :oops:


Hmm, I might be interested, as I am seeking for a C++ job and live not far away from Belgium (Luxembourg) :slight_smile: