Looking for freelance developer for hire

I want to create a simple utility plugin.

The process needed will be to duplicate the input signal on the channel into two paths: A and B.

Path A will simply pass the signal through the output of the plugin. The only feature needed will be a mute and a gain control.

The B path will duplicate the input signal and send it. Either to a separate “receive plugin” that can be placed on a separate channel, or a selected buss within the DAW. Hopefully both. This path will also need a mute and a gain control.


Multiple instances of the send plugin can be placed across multiple channels, all sending their individual signal to a single instance of either the “receive plugin” or a selected buss within the DAW.

In short, the plugin will act as a send in a DAW. Very simple features.

Please email me at rcsonics@gmail.com



Hi Reuben,

This is not possible with an audio plugin. Signal routing is handled by the DAW, and plugins only have access to the inputs + outputs assigned to them by the DAW. Sorry to burst your bubble!

I wouldn’t say it’s not possibly. It is a very challenging problem to solve…

I helped solve in in Pro Tools with the MDA Creator suite AAX plugins… I still have nightmares about getting the delay comp working properly :wink:


The early Exponential Audio surround plugins seemed to do this to stream audio between plug-in instances for enhanced surround support, so it is possible. I found it somewhat unreliable in some hosts, but generally worked well in others. It feels like a very risky thing to do when you don’t have any info on how the host might be running audio tasks in parallel on tracks it assumes are not related to each other, when in fact plugin instances are passing stuff between themselves behind the scenes without the host’s knowledge. Ensuring deterministic behaviour and keeping everything in sync could be a somewhat moving target.

Hehe, famous last words