What type of info can a plugin receive from DAW?


I’m thinking about doing some audio plugin stuff, but given ideas I have, I thought I’d first check with you experienced people here, whether what I need is conceptually possible.
Suppose in my DAW, I insert MyPlugin on Track 5, Insert C. Is it possible for MyPlugin to listen to audio input going into SomePlugin on Track 5, Insert B? Or, SomeOtherPlugin on Track 4, Insert A? Or, both simultaneously? And I mean without side-chaining?
I know of plugins that do this with multiple instances of the same plugin on other tracks (DDMF’s IIEQ Pro, Melda’s MMultiAnalyzer,…). Is anybody aware of some/any DAWs that would make something like this possible with input signals to different plugins?


The standard plugin formats have been designed with a pretty linear audio routing from plugin to plugin in mind. You can’t tell the host to provide audio to your plugin from some arbitrary routing point. But if the host is flexible enough, you might be able to achieve it with the host’s own routing options. Maybe Reaper and some others can do it, but a better bet is a modular environment like Plogue Bidule or Max/MSP.

Thanks @Xenakios. That’s interesting, but unfortunately, not exactly what I had in mind. I’ve checked Pro Tools SDK in the mean time and it doesn’t seem like something I’d need is possible there.

You could also create some kind of “listener” plugins that report to each other or a central app so you can analyse the audio at various points in different signal chains. This would of course require the user to manually add your listener plugin at those points.

Thanks. Yep, I’ve found an older thread about InterprocessConnection and namedPipe classes, but still, adding a listener to each point of interest defeats the purpose of what I have in mind.