Get both audio and midi inputs in a DAW

Hi everyone,

I’ve implemented a plugin that takes both audio and midi inputs and that just ouputs audio. I’ve ticked the “Plugin midi Input” in the projucer, everything is working fine in the Audio plugin host, but now I’d like to make it work in a DAW. I don’t know how to configure the plugin such that it will receive both midi and audio.

What I’ve tried for now is to apply the plugin on an audio track but I don’t know what I should do in the editor (or somewhere else) to be able to choose a midi track to receive the midi information from.

I’m mainly using Logic but I’ve also installed Reaper for testing purposes.

Is there a way in JUCE to configure the midi input on an audio plugin ? Or is it specific to the plugin type (AU, VST …) or to the DAW ?

I’m new to audio programming and JUCE so I may have missed an existing topic or turotial about this, sorry about that if it’s the case :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !