Midi on audio tracks

Hey there,

I have a working audio plugin and I want to control a few parameters by playing midi notes and CCs on my midi piano.
The problem is that the Midi Buffer on the process block is empty on audio tracks, it can only work in Instrument tracks right now (tried in Reaper and Logic).

I guess this works differently on different hosts, but I was wondering if there is a unified solution.


Just set acceptsMidi() to return true in your AudioProcessor.

bool acceptsMidi() const { return true; }

That should do the trick!

Hey oxxyyd, thanks for your reply.
I already have that set up, and it works on instrument/midi tracks, but not on audio tracks.
I don’t even know if that’s possible.

Maybe I should create a midi instrument with a sidechain audio input.

Hmm, yes, guess you’d need a daw where you could have both midi and audio as inputs on the same track. Whatabout If you test your plugin in the host plugin demo? It’s not track oriented…
Anyway, as your idea to control audio via midi doesn’t seem that far feched, I imagine there would be some plugins doing that already somewhere on the planet.

I guess there are plugins already doing that, but maybe I’m wrong as this doesn’t seem a feature on Reaper and Logic.

I did this successfully in ProTools, my use case was modulating a CC curve from RMS meassures on an audio track.

But then I failed doing the same in Cubase, I couldn’t find a way to configure the routing in the DAW. So I dropped that idea completely. It seems there are only MIDI-MIDI effects or audio-audio, or Midi-audio synths. But could be that it was only my limited Cubase experience.

It would be so awesome to have a wiki, where such findings could be structured collected, but that idea never got picked up. A website update is ahead, so never stop hoping…

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