Looking for help with Transient/Steady-State separation

Hello everyone,

I am currently building an audio plugin using JUCE. I am looking to separate transients and tonal components of the incoming signal, in order to perform further processing on each component separately. Many plugins do this kind of separation, like Quantum from Waves Factory and Physion from Eventide.

I have read a few papers on the topic and found Transient/Steady-State implemented in the aubio library, which is giving me a descent understanding of how it all works. But I am having a hard time putting it all together in a JUCE AudioProcessor that I can integrate easily in my plugin’s DSP pipeline.

Is anyone interested in working on building this AudioProcessor? I haven’t found this implemented in an open-source JUCE module.

Happy to provide more details, provide an API spec, requirements, etc. Open to compensate for this as well!

I found this somewhat interesting although I don’t have the time (and perhaps not even knowledge) to develop it. Sorry… :upside_down_face:

But I wonder, the implementation you linked, is the result from the tts-analysis a spectrum/spectrogram vor visualisation? Or did you intend to convert it back to an audio stream?

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If I understand correctly, the result outputs two audio buffers, so those could be used for either analysis or processing, depending on the situation.

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