Source separation and automatic music transcription

I’m a beginner audio student at AU in DC. I’ve been interested in software as long as I can remember and always love pushing the envelope. Any suggestions for using juce as research tool for more serious undertakings like source separation and automated music transcription?

There’s not much in JUCE itself to help with such advanced audio analysis. There is an FFT class but it’s up to you to figure out what to do with the FFT results. (Assuming FFT is the technique you would be using.)

JUCE does have audio hardware and audio/MIDI file IO classes, wrappers to build VST/AU/etc plugins and of course all the GUI classes, which would be helpful to get your application or plugin basics done.

You can of course use additional 3rd party libraries together with JUCE code. The data types or structures JUCE uses are not always directly compatible with those but it usually isn’t too much trouble to convert the data as needed.