Looking for part-time C++/JUCE engineer


I’m building something using JUCE for a (well funded) start-up. This will involve implementing DSP algorithms(*), efficient real-time audio processing, GUI work, etc.

(*) prototyped in Python, don’t worry if this is outside of your skillset as 1. I can handle it and 2. I’m looking for more than one person.

Also we will be building iOS and Android demo-wrappers around the core tech, so if you are familiar with coding for these platforms I would like to hear from you.

So, I’m looking for generally capable engineers.

I’m planning to outsource specific tasks. So: I would provide an interface and you would provide the implementation.

I’m looking for someone that likes to keep whittling code down until it is radiantly clean.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, shoot me a message. Please send/link me some code you have written and maybe you tell me why you like it. Also a little background of yourself would help. And please tell me what city you are in.

Look forward to hearing from you,



Hey pi,

My name is Andrew Doss, and I definitely consider myself a generally capable engineer.

I studied Electrical Engineering at the Univerisity of Tennessee where I specialized in DSP.
I started off programming in Python, so I have no problem proto-typing in that.

I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Tennessee, where I specialized in Digital Signal Processing. Noteworthy projects from this time are:
-Using Matlab to create a Pitch Shifter, LPF, and HPF.
-Taking a Digitial Image Processing class, where Java was used to create android apps to perform numerous transformations on image data.

I am also a musician, and a practiced Music Producer, so I have a knack for audio.

My most recent audio project used the VAMP C++ framework to find silences in an audio file. Seen here:

I’d love to talk.

Andrew Doss