Looking for Tracktion render demo

I’m looking for an example of loading a plugin and rendering a midi file in the tracktion engine. Can anybody help me?

The Plugin Demo shows how to load plugins. Not sure if there are any rendering examples though

You can search in the “Tracktion Engine” section right here in the forum. Some example code;

Just for clarity, to render the entire edit, the renderToFile code simplifies down to this;

File renderFile{ File::getSpecialLocation(File::userDesktopDirectory).getNonexistentChildFile("render", ".wav") };

te::EditTimeRange range{ 0.0, edit.getLength() };

juce::BigInteger tracksToDo{ 0 };

for (auto i = 0; i< te::getAllTracks(edit).size(); i++)

te::Renderer::renderToFile("Render", renderFile, edit, range, tracksToDo);

Is there a way to load one specific plugin without using the PluginList? So no user interaction is necessary

is it a VST/AU plugin you are wanting to load or an internal tracktion engine plugin? If its a VST3/AU you could manually perform a scan using a juce plugin scanner and add that to the plugin list. I suppose you could then loop over the known plugins and when you find the one of interest create it as done in the plugin tutorial.